Should You Paint Over Rotted Wood?

If your house has some trim pieces that seem to have a little rotten or mold, you might think that the painting over them is a fast and easy solution. However, while this might take care of the visual aspect, it will not overcome the underlying problem and can really worsen the problem. For the most part, “Invisible, out of mind” is not the best way to handle the possibility of structural damage to your home.

In this article, we have put several reasons for dark spots or damaged wood that paint will not be repaired. Some of the articles that are floating on the internet will notify you that it does not matter to be done, but the truth is that ignoring the real cause of wood damage can have large consequences. By understanding these problems and how they have to be handled correctly, you can identify what you face and get to the root of the problem instead of just covering it.


If you pay attention to wood cracked or damaged in or around your house, including a fence or gate, this can be a sign that you have termite attacks. Termites eat and damage wood and can greatly reduce the structural integrity of your home if they are allowed to remain in the area. The only way to deal with termite problems is to find the center of their earthquake and delete it so that they cannot breed and damage the foundation, wall, or subfloor of your home.

Paintings for termite damage are not only ineffective, in some cases it may also be a legal problem. If you plan to sell your house in the end, a inspector will be able to say that you only close damage with paint. This can make the house not qualify for sale until fixed damage, which may be very expensive.


Moisture can easily cause decaying and splitting wood, and the new paint layer will not do anything to fix the problem. When water soak into wood, it can cause wood to develop and swell and deteriorate until it falls apart. So, painting a problem just won’t fix it, it will only add it. Cat will not be able to stick to wet and damaged wood, which means it won’t look very good when you paint it.

While paint can help protect your home from wet weather, it won’t fix the problem if moisture has been soaked. If you have moisture rot on your home wood, it’s likely that you have a leak somewhere at home. Before you can paint an area, you must ensure that leakage is fixed and will not contribute to additional wood rot on the road.


If the moisture is allowed to sit in one place for a long time, in the end can begin to grow into a mold. Mold can have serious health consequences if not treated and removed correctly. Houses with mold problems can be the cause of lung irritation, allergies, and more worries, which is why painting mold should not be done. All mold paintings will do is to thwart spores, which will then grow elsewhere at home.

Now we explain why paint rotten or damaged wood has never been a good idea, here are other useful suggestions. Contact a professional like a hire best painter services in Dubai that can rate the damaged area correctly and suggest how to fix it. Professional services in Painting services in Dubai are trained to identify damaged and experienced wood causes in the best way to fix them. We can help and guide you through the whole process, so you and your home stay safe and safe for years to come.

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