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Can Traveling reduce The Harmful Effects of Stress

Can Traveling reduce The Harmful Effects of Stress

airplane flight. tropical vacations.

The effects of stress build over you gradually. In the beginning, you might be able to ignore minor health issues or insomnia. And blame it on reduced productivity and increased anxiety. However, over time, the toll that stress has on your health can add to the point. That it can be a long time before you can enjoy your life.

Amy Morin is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical social worker. And college psychology instructor and an internationally recognized expert in mental strength. She is also the mother daughter trips creator of 13 things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do(link to external). A bestselling international book which is currently being translated into over 25 languages.

Chronic stress isn’t the sole issue. Sometimes, a single incident can disrupt a normal life. An illness, the loss of a loved one divorce, or job loss are just some. Of the life-altering events that can increase stress levels in a matter of hours. Unprepared and not equipped to face the inevitable challenges of life exposes us to the negative consequences of stress.

The Harmful Effects of Stress

Stress affects nearly every system of your body. Stress causes your body to create large amounts of adrenaline (as as well as other hormones) and , in turn. Heart rate and respiration speed increase. The blood glucose levels increase as the body prepares itself for the famous “fight or flight” reaction.

Human body is not intended to remain in a constant cond. That is “fight or flight” because it can cause a lot of damage. Health Single Mom Travel Hacks risks linked to include heart disease and stroke to obesity and diabetes. A study from 1994 published in Harvard Business Review estimates between 60 to 90% of doctor visits are stress-related. But, the vast majority of patients say that they have never discussed to their doctor.

Stress also has a visible impact on our mental health by reducing the size of our brains. A study done by Yale discovered that stress brought on by life-threatening events decreased. Gray matter within the brain’s prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain can be responsible for controlling self as well as emotional control. A decrease in brain volume has been associated with increased levels of mood disorders such as anxiety. And depression as well as an increase in risks-taking behavior and abuse of substances.