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How To Get Subscribe Button On Your Website?

subscribe button

Do you own a YouTube channel and want to grow it more? Do you want to grab a larger audience to your channel for more subscriptions? If yes, then you can make it happen in numerous ways. One of the easiest methods to grow your audience is to add subscribe button to your website. Surprised! Yes, it is possible now to add it to your website. Adding such a tab would require a procedure that you will get to know in this post. But, first, you must understand why it is important to add this tab to your website.

Why subscribe key is important?

As you know, YouTube is the reliable search engine after Google. Many individuals use this platform to gather information about various products and services. So, being a business owner, you can bring more and more traffic to your website. You can promote the channel through your website. It will serve you with dual benefits. First, you will get improved traffic for your website. Secondly, visitors would not need to leave your page to make a subscription. So, it will maintain the credibility of your website along with visitors’ traffic.

Now, look at the procedure to add the button to your Word Press website below.

As per the instructions by Google, there are mainly two ways for this process. You may choose a custom HTML widget or can prefer to use a Word Press plugin. Though, both the procedures are simple and hassle-free. You do not need to be tech-savvy for adding the subscribe button to your website.

Let’s begin with HTML

Start with Google documentation page

First, you should open up the Google documentation page. Under the options, fill out the name and ID of your YouTube channel. You should check display settings for the page and check the preview of the button about to appear on the website.

Copy the code

After that, you should copy the code from the defined code field. Later, you have to paste it to place the tab on your website. Now head towards the Word Press account with login. By using the Word Press dashboard, select appearance and then widgets.

Hit the custom HTML

Find out the custom HTML in the accessible widgets. Now drag and drop this widget to the desired area of your website. By opening this widget, you will see a window. Use this window to add a title for your subscribe button and paste the code in the available field.

Click save and done

After adding the title and pasting the code, click on the save tab and then hit done. It will add a specific tab to your website. You can also preview how the to subscribe key will look on your website.

Isn’t it the simple way to add the desired button to your website? You can also make it happen through a plugin. The procedure is also simple so let’s see it below.

Go to the Plugins section

Add a new feature to your website using plugins. Under the plugins section, click on “add new.” Then a page will appear for the widgets. Click on that page to find out the available widgets.

Check the available widgets

Now check the available widgets with an option of YouTube Subs widget. You can easily drag and drop this widget to the desired area of your website.

Fill details in the window

Now fill in the details about your channel in the available window under YouTube Subs widget. It will ask you to fill in the name and ID of the channel. You can keep the layout and subscriber count on the default setting. After filling in the details, click save and press done. After this, you can preview the website with subscribe button for your YouTube channel.

These are the different methods that are useful to add a subscription tab to your website. So, do not wait for more to boost your YouTube audience. You can use these techniques to get your purpose fulfilled effectively. It will not make your business website look professional only. But will also encourage the visitors to follow your YouTube channel to see informative videos relating to your products. It creates trust among visitors when you have many forms of content to describe products.

What you should keep in mind?

After adding the subscribe button, you should ensure it is properly working. Though, it would be the gateway for visitors to land on your YouTube channel. So, you must ensure that it shows them a pop-up to hit the channel subscription. Remember that they must easily get subscribed to your channel. You should also confirm to tell your audience to hit the bell icon every time people subscribe to the channel. It would be the best way to let visitors engage with your website and convert them into potential buyers.