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The 5 best carpet cleaning methods used by companies

best carpet cleaning methods

Although you are spoilt for choice when choosing a carpet cleaning company for your home or business. It is important to know the different carpet cleaning methods used by different companies as not all methods will be suitable for your carpet.

Here are the different types of carpet cleaning on the market:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning uses hot water under high pressure to agitate the fibers of the carpet. And dissolve the dirt in the carpet.

And Hot water extraction cleaning usually involves applying a cleaner to the soiled surface. Agitating the carpet with a brush, and then rinsing it off. After the cleaner has soaked into the carpet for a short time. The carpet is “rinsed” with a carpet cleaner to thoroughly rinse out the cleaner. Then dried in a room or at air temperature.

Cleaning an average 3,000 sq. ft. carpeted office typically takes about 2 hours and drying takes at least 4 hours. Most companies advise cleaning carpets in the late evening. So that they can dry overnight after cleaning and office operations can resume the next morning. Visit also: Carpet cleaning in Longueville

Shampooing carpets

Before the advent of encapsulation technology in the 1970s, carpet cleaning with shampoo was very popular. Shampooing may appear to clean heavily soiled carpets. But the disadvantage of this technique – leaving large amounts of wet foam residue on the carpet. That takes a long time to dry, becoming sticky after drying because it is not rinsed out after shampooing. And quickly re-soiling the carpet – make this method less popular than others.


Foam encapsulation uses synthetic detergents that crystallize into a powdered form when dried. The dissolved dirt particles in the carpet fibers are encapsulated in the powder as the applied cleaning foam dries. And are eventually removed with a vacuum cleaner or brush when the foam has dried after cleaning.

Foam encapsulation technology has surpassed shampooed carpet cleaning technology because foam encapsulation uses less water, resulting in shorter drying times than shampooed carpet cleaning. Foam encapsulation cleaning is advocated by green product proponents because less chemical residue remains after cleaning than when the carpet is shampooed.

Although this method has shown good results. It could not thoroughly clean a heavily soiled carpet due to the limitations of the technology.

Mesh cleaning

This carpet cleaning method achieves good surface cleaning results because it mainly cleans the top of the carpet fibers using a high-powered motorized rotating mat machine that is immersed in a cleaning solution to pick up dirt from the surface of the carpet.

Bonneting is popular in hotels because it provides a quick solution for cleaning carpets in high-traffic public areas where the carpet needs to be cleaned without a lot of moisture and dries quickly so as not to disturb hotel guests.

Since bonneting does not deep clean the carpet, the dirt under the carpet comes to the surface within a short period of time, causing the carpet to become dirty quickly. Bonneting also tends to build up chemical residue in the carpet as the pressure of the heavy machine on the rotating mat pushes the applied chemical and remaining dirt into the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning, also known as compound cleaning, is one of the newest cleaning technologies on the market and is gaining popularity and acceptance among leading carpet manufacturers due to its effectiveness, convenience, and the fact that no drying time is required.

Since its invention in the 1980s, there have been many types of cleaning agents or powders on the market. Because it is considered relatively new compared to other traditional wet cleaning methods that have proven themselves for decades, many people question the effectiveness of this cleaning technology.

The trick is to apply detergent or powder to the underside of the carpet using a motorized, counterclockwise rotating brush to open up the carpet fibers and allow the detergent to settle inside, resulting in a thorough deep cleaning of the carpet.

The cleaner is usually made of a biodegradable material that works like a microsponge. That can effectively absorb loosened dirt into the carpet and thoroughly remove it at the end of the process.

Different equipment manufacturers vary in that they develop their own detergent or powder formulation. And adapt the design and function of their equipment.

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