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The charm of a Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dubai city carries a unique series of beautiful buildings that are highly defined. These buildings, with their clear atmosphere and blue sky, carried a lot of attraction towards themselves. Dubai, the famous site from a touring perspective, carries a lot of attractions within it. The Dhow cruise Dubai is the point that is now known worldwide and getting the same day by day. However, different places offer different packages for the dhow cruise, but our packages are unique and unbeatable. If you are looking to book a special event on the Dhow Cruise and want to enjoy your journey fully, then you are at the right place. 

Pick and drop facilities

After booking the Dhow Cruise Dubai, many people are confused about and in search of further transport to book to reach their destination. So we present a solution to your this problem. As our team hires people as pick-and-drop providers. This is all set in order to keep your conditions level with us. The pick and drop services are available and varies for both the morning and evening consultation. Some people carry their own convenience, so they don’t look for bookings and want to exclude their expenses from their package. Now there are no worries about it because we’re including this facility in your your package. If you want to book, then we are here to take this order. 

Is there any arrangement of refreshment on the dhow cruise? 

We deeply care about your comfort, likes and dislikes. On the dhow cruise from Dubai, you are going to enjoy every bit of our services for sure. As we arrange special events there on the dhow cruise in order to provide you with the best services. The process of refreshment will be available there for you. It depends upon you. Whenever you want something, we will provide you with it for sure. Not only water, but you can also take soft drinks and juices. 

 Kinds of decks

So, do you know about our dhow cruise decks? These kinds of decks are present on both the packages if you choose the dhow Cruise Creek or Marina.

Does the lower deck of the Dhow Cruise have facilities for air conditioners?

The answer is yes. There are all types of comforts that will be provided to you in order to make your whole journey a masterpiece. There is the facility of air conditioners that will be there for you on the dhow cruise. These air conditioners are present to make you feel relaxed and to maintain the temperature so that if the temperature increases, you will be able to turn them on and relax. 

Does the upper deck of the Dhow Cruise have facilities for air conditioners?

On the upper deck, there is no need for air conditioner installation. As the upper deck is fully opened, The fresh and mind-soothing cool air waves passing on the dhow cruises will make you mesmerized. This upper part of the dhow cruise will give you a separate type of fun too.

Is there any music available on the Dhow cruise?

The answer is yes. You are going to enjoy a lot by confirming your slots on the Dhow Cruise with us. Different music will be there for you. After listening to them, you will surely forget all kinds of worries about the dhow cruise. Services like this will be a full package of enjoyment that you just need to cash up. By making a booking with us. These languages mostly include the best musical languages that are Urdu, Hindi, and the English language. These kinds of shows continue to be on-going there once you have reached the dhow cruises. 

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