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Things To Know About The MOT Test

MOT Milton Keynes

MOT Milton Keynes

Getting an MOT test is very important for someone, who is travelling to a new place. The MOT test is the only way to determine whether they can drive our tyres there or not. 

Moreover, this test also tells us if our car tyres are in good condition or not. Apart from tyres, an MOT test involves a thorough inspection of different parts of our car. And to pass this test, you need to have a good idea of all these tests. 

What Is MOT?

MOT is a test conducted by the ministry of transport, which is a yearly safety measure taken by the government to ensure that cars running on the roads are fit to drive. In an MOT Milton Keynes, your car should meet certain quality standards to pass the test.

This test does not take much time, it takes hardly 50 to 60 minutes. But if your car fails the test and requires some changes to pass the test, it may take some extra time to fix them. It is compulsory to have an MOT test of your car every year and this is to be done by a technician, who is qualified for MOT and has the required equipment for testing with them.

Need Of An MOT

The major reason for getting an MOT test is for your safety on the road. Failing the MOT test means that your car is unhealthy and unfit to be driven on any kind of road. 

And due to this your license will no longer be valid, also you won’t get to renew your car insurance and your request for a tax-free road drive will be forfeited. 

What Parts Are Checked In An MOT

In the MOT test, technicians check almost every essential part of your car. But they do not cover the condition and working of the engine, gearbox and clutch. They will check the structure and functionality of your car. There are certain parts that you must keep in shape so that your car does not face failure in the test. These parts are: 

  • Brake Fluid
  • All the mirrors including the front windscreen with wipers.
  • Tyres – The most major cause of failure in tests is due to the tyre’s tread. 
  • Horns – Testers check your car’s horn and ensure that it is neither too sharp nor too light. 
  • They look at the exhaust or fuel systems. 
  • Seat Belts and seats
  • They check the load limit of your car and verify whether it’s secure or not to be driven on the road.
  • Wheels and bonnets.
  • Suspensions and towbars. 

It may be difficult to take proper care of all these parts. But to get rid of all these problems without facing failure in the MOT test, you must get your car fixed at servicing regularly.

How To Pass An MOT Test?

To pass an MOT test, you must do certain things to make your car look fit. 

  • Check the brake fluid whether it is clear or not, and ensure that your car’s bonnet is free from scratches and is in perfect shape. 
  • Inspect all the offside and rearview mirrors and ensure that they are set at their place and have no damage. Moreover, the windscreen and wipers should also be working properly.
  • Ensure that the Indicators, bulbs and all the warning lights are working properly.
  • Tyres must have a tread depth of 1.6 mm and must be perfectly aligned with their rim. 
  • Get your car cleaned and get the tyre’s inflation level checked by experienced professionals.

Now that you have understood how to get a good score on an MOT test, you can easily follow these tips and get your MOT certificate from Ranger Tyres Milton Keynes.