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Tips for the fashion-conscious man

fashion-conscious man

The year is in full swing, and new fashions from all the major designer brands are quickly hitting the market. The following advice will help you make the most of your designer men’s clothing purchases this year.

Fashion trends

Fashion trends for spring and summer are very vibrant this year, and as it should be for men, blue seems to be the frontrunner. Even suits are embracing the color, and while you will always wear your navy blue suit, consider a pastel blue suit, as all the major designer menswear outfits offer a blue option. When it comes to casual wear, make sure you combine complementary shades of blue as this will have a great impact.

In line with brightness and boldness, prints are becoming a dominant trend, with all major designers offering fancy print patterns in a range of confusing colors. Printed shirts are taking center stage in this trend, and if you want to join in, don’t hide them under a crew neck or V-neck, wear them with pride.


You still have flexibility when it comes to pants, and the tendency towards muted colors is still the best way to go. Pants made of cotton, linen or wool, when properly combined, look fantastic when it comes to a smart casual look. Deciding between slim fit, sweatpants with ribbed inserts, regular fit, straight fit or drainpipe is a matter of preference. If you’re bitten by the color bug, light blue or light yellow are the best choices and always a staple in the designer menswear range. Wholesale Jogger Pants Men UK


The first rule of wearing a belt is that you never need it, or in other words, that your pants don’t fall down when you take it off. The belt should only be there for aesthetics. The second rule is to never wear a belt with a suit – a common mistake men make. With formal belts, it is common to match the leather color of the shoe and the belt, so if you wear brown shoes, you should also wear a brown belt. Avoid flashy belt buckles and don’t be afraid to spend a little more money, because you get what you pay for and that little extra makes all the difference in quality. With informal belts, anything goes and it depends more on your personal style and image.

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