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Top Android App Ideas For Beginners

IIf you are someone who wants to start a mobile application for android or any other platform, this article is for you. App development is indeed a difficult task, but what’s more difficult is finding the right genre of app that can boost your income manifolds.

Mobile App For Parking 

Any good SEO company in India will tell you that there is a spike in the number of searches for mobile parking apps on google. Because of the restriction made by the police, most of the people are not allowe to park on the sides of the road or any open area because it is designate for any company or any housing society. Therefore, creating an app for an automatic parking system is a wonderful idea. This app will make users aware of the vacant parking spots.

Translation App

Making an app, which translates foreign languages into any preferred language, is one of the best ideas. This will mostly help the students who are learning a new language, and in turn, they will spread the word about your app, helping you gain a large audience.

As there are various competitions in the market, you should include some extra features to your app, like translating texts from images or converting the sentences with their literal meanings. This will make your app look unique. 

Moreover, try to make your users aware of the pronunciation of the word they are searching for. This will help people who travel to new places to confidently visit different places and meet different cultures.

Gift App

You can design a gift app with customised gifts. You can provide your customers with bouquets, cakes, or any other things, which they can customise for their loved ones. In this way, you can help customers have a custom-made item, which they can gift to their friends and family. You could also include gift cards and other items, such as photo frames, coffee mugs that can be personalise too Android app. 

Booking Hotels App

People often find it difficult to search for rooms and hotels when visiting a new place during their vacation or for work. By using the hotel booking app, they can easily find rooms in nearby hotels as per their budget. 

Moreover, you can include hostel bookings in your app, which will help many students and workers in finding a perfect place to stay. You should put detailed information about the hotel and hostels to make your customer aware of the place. 

App Related To Investment 

Investment and trading apps are always preferre by the audience. There are a huge number of people who have invested in stocks and mutual funds in the market. People often get confuse while investing and trading. And thus, they look for various apps, which can help them understand the different terms and features of trading. 

Therefore, You can develop an android app that would provide the customers with all the information related to different stocks and mutual funds. You must include the steps on how to create a Demat account and how to start buying and selling stocks through various videos. Furthermore, you can add the pros and cons of trading and investment. This will help you to gain a large audience, and your app will easily top the charts.

Automobile Repairing App

You can ask your Android app development team to create an app that will list all the automobile repairing centres nearby. Provide your users with detailed reviews and ratings of all service centres so that people know where to go to get their vehicles repaire. 

This app will prove to be very useful to you because automobile repair has always been in great demand. If any damages happen to the vehicle. The people immediately run to the repairing centres, and thus by collaborating with such centres and promoting their services through your app will eventually lead to your profit.  

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