Top Crypto Exchanges in Spot Market Every Trader Should Know About

Crypto Exchanges

A spot Crypto Exchanges is defined as a platform. Where both buyers and sellers connect with one another to trade their digital assets. One of the most valuable highlights of the crypto. The spot market is that the settlement of trades is do on the exact moment. When a trader makes an equivalent bid or offer, the trade is execut promptly by the platform. The concept of spot crypto trading is a bit similar to gold or oil trade. This means that the user has access to a physical market where the withhel commodity is being exchang.

With the crazy buzz of the spot market more users. Are getting attract and are looking for best crypto exchanges that offer access to spot market. Therefore, this piece of writing enlists some of the leading spot trading platforms ranked according to the liquidity they add to the market.

Spot Crypto Exchanges That Are Trust World-wide

Here highlighted are some of the valuable crypto coin exchangesthat have made a huge mark in the spot market.

Binance Global

To no surprise, Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges considering its trading volume. The exchange offers various discounts to users who trade with their native digital currency. The most compelling aspect of this crypto coin exchange is that it has a low fee structure. Additionally, the exchange has best-performing security protocols in place to safeguard trader’s funds and transactions.

For someone who is new to crypto trading Binance has a very interactive user interface with no learning curve. Moreover, there is plenty of learning material. Videos, and guides available on the exchange to guide newbie traders along the way.


Coinbase makes the second-best crypto exchange in this list of crypto exchanges. It is one of the safest online platforms for selling, purchasing, storing, and transferring digital assets. Coinbase has two separate versions designed according to user experience level. For advanced users there is Coinbase. Pro with unique and complex trading tools and services and for newbie traders it is Coinbase standard. The exchange also has some other programs available for users to earn passive income like Coinbase Earn and staking options. So if you are thinking to start crypto trading then Coinbase can be a good option for you.

Huobi Global

Huobi Global is another renowne financial services provider. Its services include trade, exchange, and storage of various digital assets. According to recent market studies, “Its aggregate turnover has surpassed US$1.2 trillion and once turned into the digital asset exchange with a global share of 50%”.

This exchange is completely regulat and safe to use however, if you don’t have any prior experience with trading then you should start with Binance.


As compared to other contenders in this list of best crypto exchanges, FTX is quite new to the market. However, despite being new the exchange has been remarkably successful so far. It has million dollars trading volume on a daily basis and millions of users around the globe. The key behind the popularity and success of this exchange is its strong infrastructure that is design by a group of advance traders for traders. This exchange has it all that is lacking in other crypto exchanges. So, if you are a seasoned trader and want to experience leverage trading than this can be the exchange for you.


Kraken is another addition to this list of best crypto exchanges, it is San Francisco-base cryptocurrency exchange where market traders can exchange different cryptocurrencies. The users on this exchange are allowe to purchase or sell the cryptocurrencies using various fiat currencies including U.S. dollars, euros, Canadian dollars, and the Japanese yen.

The exchange is completely secure to use and has some strong security measures in place to keep user funds safe against any kinds of thefts and cyber-attacks. Moreover, the exchange is back with a powerful engine that processes high volume trades in a matter of seconds.

Final Thoughts!

In a conclusion, spot trading market is where orders are execut at the moment. Traders are looking for credible crypto exchanges that are safe to trade with. Therefore, the above-mentioned list of popular crypto exchanges has the names of some of the legit and leading crypto exchanges that can help you start your crypto trading journey.