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Various indicators (audible and visual) on the UPS

Various indicators on UPS

The UPS should only provide enough power to either turn on a generator or alternator, or to back up your work and shut down the system you are working on. If someone is completely engrossed in their work, they may not realize that the main power supply has failed and continue to work with the UPS power supply if there is no sign of failure.

At this point, a warning is in order. Standard UPSs are equipped with both audible and visual warnings so the user can recognize that power is being drawn from the battery and not the mains.

Visual warning:

There are UPSs with one LED, two LEDs, and three LEDs. For a UPS with one LED, the LED lights green to indicate that the system is running on mains power. When power is lost, the LED turns either yellow or red and flashes at 30-second intervals. To indicate that the UPS is running on backup power; power is supplied by the battery in the UPS. Visit also: Sprinter Battery price in Pakistan

After a specified time and if power has not been restored by turning on the alternator/generator by that time, the LED will turn bright red and flash continuously, indicating that a critical two minutes remain before battery power is depleted and an abrupt failure has occurred.

If the UPS has two LEDs, only one green LED is on, indicating line voltage; and if the UPS has two LEDs, only one green light is visible. If the UPS has two LEDs, the green LED is “ON” and the other LED is off, indicating mains consumption. When the main power is turned off, the other LED is either red or amber, indicating that the power has been on for the last two minutes. This is accompanied by a continuous blinking of the LED.

For UPSs with three LEDs, green indicates UPS operation from the mains, yellow indicates UPS operation from the backup battery, and red indicates UPS operation from the critical reserve. As already mentioned for the UPS with two LEDs, the flashing of the UPS here is the same. In standby mode, it flashes at a rate of thirty seconds per flash, and in critical mode, it flashes at a rate of almost one second per flash.

Audible Warning:

Almost all UPSs have an audible warning signal built into the circuit. The audible warning is an audible signal that sounds continuously at a frequency equal to the flash rate while the critical reserve power is being consumed. The audible warning alerts you that it is time to turn off the UPS after saving important data.

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