Vertical Balers – Recycling Power

More and more companies are using vertical balers for various reasons, and as the industry realizes the benefits and ROI analysis of these machines, their use is also increasing. The benefits of recycling are the main reason behind its popularity. Taking recyclables loose and turning them into dense bales has many benefits. With companies increasingly focusing on cost reduction and cost savings these days, the use of balers is becoming routine in almost all types of businesses.

For those of you unfamiliar with vertical balers, there are 3 basic areas where they can be of benefit to a business.

• Compaction or shredding capacity – The most important direct benefit for a company is that these machines create very dense bales of recyclable materials. Whether you need to shred cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, metals, or other materials, you will find that they can all be easily shredded with a baler, making transportation much easier and less expensive. Probably the most common materials are cardboard and plastics, especially for companies that receive continuous product deliveries on a daily basis.

• Regulations – Local regulations are often a driving force that causes companies to use these machines to pack different items before they can be transported for recycling. Without the materials packaged in a certain way, they cannot be processed in a practical way vertical packaging machine.

• Environment: With so many people concerned about the environment, it is not surprising that more and more companies are considering these machines as a means of managing their waste. It’s not just for recycling, but for other things as well, like creating a smaller carbon footprint. With just a small amount of evaluation, it’s easy to see how compressing or packaging waste materials is a much better and simpler option for managing waste than other options.

There are many different types of balers and the vertical baler is one of the most popular. Vertical balers are typically loaded from the front and bales are also removed from the front. As an example of time requirements, generating a 1,000-pound cardboard bale using a 60-inch vertical baler can take approximately 45 to 60 minutes. Since a typical working day is 8 hours, it is easy to determine the maximum amount of recyclable materials that a baler could realistically pack on a daily or weekly basis by looking at the baler’s specifications. Vertical packers are found in almost all types of businesses, including supermarkets, retailers, hotels, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, office buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmacies, airports, and more.

As with most other equipment, you can buy, lease, or rent this type of equipment. The buyer’s corporate philosophy will determine which path is the most appropriate, but payback is usually fairly quick either way. Assessing your specific needs is an important step in moving forward with the right choice for your business. Before purchasing, consider the space required, electrical requirements, and the profile of the personnel who will operate the baler. Tailor the baler type and the options and accessories to your specific circumstances. For example, there are vertical balers that are much easier to use than others (with very fast learning curves) that can often be the ideal solution to traditional super high power vertical balers that can be the most suitable for personnel. more experienced.

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