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Electronic Water Flow Meter Basics and Introduction

Measuring the flow rate of fluids like water, oil, and gases is not possible without a reliable mechanism. So, the invention of flow sensors has changed the scenario of fluid measuring in industries. With the advancement in technology, electronic flow meters are now used considerably for accurate flow measurement. They are also known as flow indicators, flow rate sensors, and more. These meters are also popularly known as digital meters that come with convenient and faster use. They are exclusively made by electronic technology and work without any moving parts.

What type of work do these meters have?

These meters are the perfect examples of straightforward working and measurement. They are automated to convert the measured rate of fluids into an electronic signal. They are equipped with a flow rate sensor to measure the fluid flow rate. By measuring the rate, they display results on the output screen. However, the variety of these meters is wide. So, their measuring principle for the flow rate is different. There are mainly three types of electronic sensors such as:

  • Magnetic
  • Ultrasonic
  • Vortex
  • Magnetic water flow meter

The meter has a sensor and transmitter that works to measure the flow rate of Water. It uses a magnetic field to generate the measurement for liquid fluid through the pipe. So, when the water passes through the pipe, it creates the voltage signal. The maximum voltage signal generation depends upon the speed of the fluid. The sensors located in the walls of the flow tube generate the voltage signal. It shows the measured flow rate on the digital screen in numeric.

Benefits of the magnetic flow sensor

Precise Results and Stability

You can use this sensor to obtain highly precise results. The measurement of these sensors is consistent, and you can also obtain repeated values of reading. In low precision results, the value of measurement will vary. But, high accuracy will keep them consistent.

Ease of Use

Unlike mechanical meters, there are no moving parts required in electronic flow meters. So, they are easy to operate for measuring the flow rate of liquids.

Dirty liquids

These meters can also measure fluid rate in the case of dirty substances.

Ultrasonic meters

These meters use sound waves to measure the velocity of fluid running inside the pipes. As the fluid flows inside the pipe faster, the frequency shift increases. The transmitted wave sends signals to the transmitter, thus reflecting the results of flow rate. Industries like petrochemicals, oil, gas, power generation, and pharmaceuticals use these meters. They have meager chances of inaccuracies, so they are useful for delivering expected results.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter

Higher Accuracy

With proper installation and higher mounting of these meters, you can attain higher accuracy. These meters offer high precision than mechanical meters.

Low maintenance

They can work with extended runs as they do not have any moving parts. With little maintenance, you can use them for a longer period.

Wide range of output

You can use these meters with both analog and digital output options. They deliver real-time flow rate measurement.

Vortex meters

These flow meters are also available to use where moving parts creates problem in measuring. They come with high-quality brass and plastic material with no moving parts. They have a bluff body that hinders the flow of fluids to gauge the flow rates— various industries involved in the manufacturing of heavy applications like automotive, power, and energy use these meters. Inline and insertion are the two main types of these meters.

Benefits of vortex water flow meter

No Wear and Tear

Due to not having any moving parts, vortex meters have no wear and tear.

Low maintenance

The maintenance of these meters is not a matter of concern, and they do not require maintenance regularly and can work for the extended run.

Good accuracy

The accuracy with these meters is always good as they can work in many temperature ranges.

Easy installation

They are easy to install due to not having heavy moving parts.


To conclude, the advent of these electronic flow meters has made liquid flow measurement easy. These digital meters are taking place over traditional meters, and they are also available at affordable prices and online to buy.