What Environmental Management System Certification Is And Why It Is Important

Our company has built a reputation of excellence in the industrial sector since 1990. We specialize in consulting services to help companies improve environmental performance, reduce cost, and meet government regulations worldwide. We have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) Certification program that is recognized by regulators, customers, and employees. With all of our program training delivered by experts who are both instructors and certified auditors, this program has been adopted by hundreds of companies worldwide. This EMS Certification is available for global manufacturing, industrial users, chemical distributors, refineries/petro-chemical facilities, commercial enterprises that perform activities that affect the environment or are involved in. Is Your Company Going Green? Here’s What You Should Consider When Pursuing Environmental Management System Certification: A blog about pursuing sustainability with E.M.S. certification.

Zoe Consulting Services and Solutions


As more companies move their production to developing countries, the problem of pollution and environmental damage is increasing. To deal with the problem, many governments have created environmental regulations, but companies also need a way to verify that they are abiding by the regulations. Zoe Consultation Services is a consulting firm that helps companies comply with environmental regulations. After educating their clients about regulations, Zoe then helps companies write an environmental management system (EMS). An EMS is a document that shows how a company monitors its environmental impact and operates responsibly.

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