What is it like working as a neurologist?

Neurology is the field that has not developed much for decades. In neurology, one can be a neuro-doctor or a neuro-surgeon.
Today’s neuro-doctor sits comfortably in the AC booth, casually looks at the patient and first asks him to do all the tests like EEG, CT scan, MRI etc. as he gets 30-50% commission from the labs, and then he gives the prescription from a list of 4-6 drugs with company labels of more than 300.

Often his knowledge is updated by mediocre representatives of the manufacturing companies, and depending on their remuneration he recommends their drugs.

Mostly, patients come for problems with epilepsy – almost 55%, narcolepsy – catalepsy – 5%, movement disorders – 5%, Parkinson’s syndrome – 5%, essential tremor – 5%, age-related disorders – 5%, phantom limb pain – 5%, migraine – 10%, and 5% to improve the neurologist’s luck of getting a placebo effect.

Surgery has introduced some innovative techniques from Japan and the US, but no breakthrough has been made in any area to completely relieve suffering.
Neurologists thrive in Dubai because of our belief in the law of karma, and they escape with the modern jargon: no complete cure, just quality control of your suffering.

I believe that anyone can master neurology, but only exceptionally a few can practice it.

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