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What Is the Cost Of An MOT You Probably Need To Know

MOT Coventry

MOT Coventry

There is no way to avoid the fact that buying an automobile has a lot of expenses associated with it. You must pay for fuel, insurance, and road taxes, to name a few. You might want to flee the area if there is one more yearly expense added to this list. However, one of the most crucial costs associated with automobile ownership is the MOT test. You are legally obligated to get an annual MOT test to determine whether it is still safe to drive. It’s always a good idea to be ready for any anticipated (and unforeseen) car-related expenses. So we’ll discuss the typical cost of an MOT Coventry test, the cost of repairs and a retest, and any fines you could incur.

How do Prices Differ Across Different Vehicles?

The vehicle type being getting evaluated should be thus taken into account before anything else. Even though the cost of an MOT relies on both the vehicle type and the MOT testing site you visit.

A complete breakdown of the fees is available on gov. UK’s MOT fees. The DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licencing Agency) establishes the most rate that may be thus imposed for any kind of vehicle.

The following are a few of the maximum expenses for vehicles:

  • Bike prices: £29.65
  • Vehicles with up to 8 passengers cost £54.85
  • Vehicles hauling goods with a gross weight exceeding 3000 kg: £58.60

The cost of maintaining an electric automobile may differ from that of a conventional vehicle. Yet the MOT fee for an electric car should be comparable to that of a conventional vehicle (limited at £54.85).

Varying MOT Costs by Garage:

The cost is getting limited by the DVLA to a maximum of £54.85 for a typical automobile. The price, yet, might differ greatly depending on the MOT testing location.

With rates listed as low as £20 to £25, it might be challenging to decide which MOT Test centre to choose. The typical MOT test centre charges about £45. This cheaper pricing might seem like a terrific deal, but if something appears too good to be true, it is.

It is doubtful that a garage will make much (if any) money when it advertises particularly cheap prices. This may indicate that the savings you save on the actual MOT test are more likely to be thus used elsewhere. Such as for repairs or other maintenance that the automobile requires.

MOT testers will rarely provide you with a wrong result because the DVSA requirements are tight. But they could overstate or overcharge you for the flaws they discover.

It’s tempting to get seduced by the more affordable offerings, there’s no disputing that. But choosing a respected testing facility that’s a little more expensive upfront might wind up saving you money in the long run.

Repair Costs on Average:

The average cost of an MOT repair is about £143, although the exact cost depends on. Why your automobile failed the test and what repairs are getting required.

You can end up paying far more than you would have if you took care of the problems yourself. In a normal service or pre-mot check because typical MOT failures can be thus caused by items. As simple as a blown bulb or faulty windscreen wipers and washers.

Cost of a Typical MOT Retest:

If your vehicle fails an MOT test, there’s no need to panic because you may request a partial retest regardless of the reason it failed.

Here, the testing facility evaluates the areas where testing was unsuccessful. If you leave your car with the MOT testing facility, you’ll receive a free MOT retest as long as it’s completed within 10 days.

To receive a discounted price or a free retest if you want to have your automobile fixed somewhere else, you must return it the following day.

Fees for Fines:

There are situations when it’s okay to drive without an MOT certificate, but we always tell against it. Driving without a current MOT may cost you up to $1,000 in fines, which are nearly often far higher than the cost of your MOT and repairs.

However, when you deliberately endanger other road users by operating a vehicle with hazardous MOT failures. You are breaking the law.


It is simple to factor your MOT Test charge into your yearly auto maintenance expenditures because the cost of an MOT is thus capped at a fair level.

You may browse at the most frequent MOT Coventry fails to discover where your car can go wrong. Or you can consult our MOT checklist to be getting prepared and reduce any potentially significant fees. Leasing is a fantastic option for buying a car if the notion of paying a variety of maintenance fees makes your head spin. Unless your contract is longer than three years, which is uncommon. You get to drive a brand-new automobile without the requirement for an MOT. You won’t ever have to be thus concerned about the price of an MOT again!