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What to Expect and How to Budget For MOT Testing Fees


MOT testing is a critical annual obligation for the majority of drivers in the UK when it comes to guaranteeing the safety and roadworthiness of your car. However, it can occasionally be difficult to comprehend the fees involved with MOT testing. 

This thorough guide will go into the world of MOT Reading prices, what to anticipate, and how to successfully budget to keep your car on the road.

Understanding of MOT testing

While we are going into the expenses of the MOT test, let’s first know what exactly is MOT testing. MOT is the yearly road safety test to ensure your vehicle safety and its roadworthiness on the British roads. The Ministry of transport(MOT) is a mandatory test all vehicles have to pass.  

The tests includes :  

  • Vehicle Security: making sure that your vehicle is safe to drive is important and This involves looking at the seatbelts, lights, brakes, and other important safety features.
  • Environmental Impact: During a MOT test, your car’s emissions are evaluated to see if they meet government-imposed environmental standards.
  • General car Condition: To check for any potential safety hazards, the general condition of your car, including the steering, bodywork, and chassis, is evaluated.
  • Let’s look at the costs associated with MOT testing now that we are clear on its intent.

MOT Test Charges: How to Prepare

  • The cost of a MOT test can vary based on a number of variables, such as the type of vehicle being tested, how old it is, and where it will be done. 
  • But as of the most recent update in September 2021, this is the average price for a MOT test:

Common MOT test: The most that may be charged for a typical MOT test for automobiles and light trucks is £54.85. However, bear in mind that numerous testing facilities could provide lesser costs; therefore, it pays to compare pricing.

Motorcycles: The maximum MOT testing charge for motorbike owners is £29.65.

Taxis, ambulances, and other heavy vehicles fall under the classification of Class 4 vehicles. A Class 4 vehicle MOT test can cost up to £58.60.

Class 7 Automobiles: The maximum MOT testing charge for Class 7 vehicles, such as freight vehicles weighing between 3,000kg and 3,500kg, is £58.60.

Re-tests: Some testing facilities may provide a free retest if your car repaired and retested there if it fails the original MOT test and needs to be retested.

Setting a Budget For MOT tests

Now that we have a better understanding of MOT testing costs. Let’s talk about how to successfully plan a budget for this yearly requirement:

  • Plan ahead: It’s important to understand when your MOT is due. This information can be found on your prior MOT certificate. By budgeting early, you have time to cover the test and any conceivable repairs.
  • Compare Costs MOT testing costs might vary, as was previously indicated. To obtain the greatest deal without sacrificing quality, go about and check pricing at several testing facilities.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping your car maintained regularly might help you avoid having to make expensive repairs when it’s time for the MOT. Simple actions like inspecting your brakes, tres, and lights may make a big difference.
  • A MOT test and a full service are both included in some businesses’ service packages. These goods typically enable you to save money over the long run. It is therefore ideal to go for both car servicing Reading and Mot test at the same time. 
  • And Keep yourself informed of any changes to the MOT prices or rules. It’s crucial to stay aware about the current rules, regulations and price fluctuations.


All UK automobile owners need to be aware of the MOT testing fees and set aside money for them. By being organised and having a plan in place, you can keep your automobile safe, legal, and roadworthy. 

Remember to compare prices, keep up with industry news, and place a high priority on periodic maintenance to keep the cost of your MOT under control. 

If you keep these recommendations in mind, you can move confidently through the MOT testing environment.