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Which Diseases Are Treated By North Hills General Practitioners?

North Hills General Practitioner

Medical and health needs are critical for everyone. While looking for a healthcare facility, you must ensure that it offers the kind of healthcare services you want. Besides providing the best health care services, a North Hills general practitioner also offers a variety of treatment that often affects patients. Among the healthcare needs that North Hills offers to include professional healthcare management, diagnostic tests, treatment, and prevention. 

Understanding the needs of patients at any time and offering appropriate treatment that they need makes a North Hills general practitioner stand out above all the health care facilities in Los Angeles, California. North Hills Urgent Care provides convenient medical needs for patients who suffer from acute medical conditions. Continue reading this post for more information about the diseases a North Hills general practitioner treats. 

Disease Treatable at North Hills by General Practitioners 

At North Hills urgent care clinic, medical practitioners specializing in providing medical health care services show the entire family. They play a crucial role in the health care sector by providing medical care services for babies and adults. 


This type of disease occurs when there is an inflammation in the main body’s hair passage. The main symptom of bronchitis includes coughing, which is why it is often mistaken for common cold. If you get bronchitis and it never goes away, it means you have chronic bronchitis. You can quickly eliminate this disease by visiting North Hills Urgent Care Clinic. A general practitioner treats bronchitis at this clinic within a short time. Bronchitis does not warrant visits to an emergency room. 


There are two types of diabetes, a common health care condition that affects many Americans in the United States. A general physician usually conducts the glucose test to diagnose diabetes at North Hills Walk-In Clinics. 

High or Low Blood Pressure

Another disease that needs to be taken very seriously is high or low blood pressure. Left untreated may cause critical disorders such as heart failure or a kidney condition. You can count on a North Hills general practitioner to treat this type of disease using a suitable treatment plan, usually done on the same day. 

Headaches and Migraines

Once in a while, you may get a headache. This is quite normal, and it is used to indicate that there is something wrong with your body. If the headache becomes severe, there might be an underlying medical condition. A migraine is where the headache becomes extremely painful. This condition can be quite debilitating. Migraines affect many people in the country. Your lifestyle may sometimes cause a migraine. If you have a migraine, the good news is that you can rush to the North Hills urgent care clinic and get a proper diagnosis done by a North Hills general practitioner. 


Many people usually start developing asthma when they are children. The main asthma symptoms include coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Among the conditions that may cause asthma is genetics. If asthma becomes chronic and continues, you need to seek medical attention at North Hills Walk-In Clinic. A general practitioner will diagnose properly before giving you a treatment plan. 

Pediatric Care

You can rely on North Hills urgent care clinic for various treatment options for adults and children. North Hills Clinic designs rooms with children in mind. That’s because we also offer pediatric care. The needs of individual patients at North Hills Walk-In Clinic are always put first. General practitioners at this clinic also provide pediatric care and treatment. This means that the health of your children is in good hands. For years, North Hills urgent family clinic has been offering pediatric care. This means that they have years of experience. 

Blood Infection

A bladder infection is commonly known as a urinary infection. This disease often leads to over 8 million visits to urgent care or any other health facility every year. Unlike an emergency room which keeps you waiting for hours to receive treatment, a North Hills general practitioner will diagnose and treat urinary infections as soon as you walk into the clinic. If not treated in time, a bladder infection can be quite severe. 


You can also seek medical attention at North Hills Clinic if there is unusual pain and discomfort in your body. The cause is the pain may vary, depending on who is feeling it. General practitioners at North Hills Walk-In Clinic are trained to provide proper pain diagnosis and treatment. 


North Hills general practitioners are always available to help any patient get proper and high-quality health care. The entire family can count on North Hills Clinic for a wide range of treatment options, including those we’ve not mentioned above. Seeking medical attention from an urgent care clinic is an excellent option because you get instant care provided the illness or injury is mild. If the medical condition requires specialized treatment, your North Hills general practitioner will organize for that.