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Original And Traditional Pashmina

white and black wool pashmina shawl

white and black wool pashmina shawl

Real cashmere wool or white and black wool pashmina shawl comes from goats in the Himalayan highlands. And the higher the animal lives, the finer and softer its wool will be. When the pashmina is woven in the traditional way. The threads draw small diamonds in relief and the edges of the shawl are devoid of fringes. The colorings tend to make the shawls less soft, so prefer natural shades which will be more flexible.

Handwoven 100% Cashmere Pashmina

To know everything about white and black wool pashmina shawl and cashmere And how to make the right selection, how to recognize the scarf you need And make the right purchase that corresponds to your search and your budget But also to your unique style and your singular personality.

Just like a unisex scarf, a pashmina for men and women is an essential fashion accessory. That should always be included in your wardrobe. Pashminas are very useful because they allow you to be warm. And create a look in any circumstance. and in all seasons.

 A scarf, wear as a shawlpashmina will also complete your outfit. You will therefore enjoy wearing your pashmina scarf for a fashion effect. Or simply to protect yourself from the cold of the winter season. When the temperature drops, you will therefore be extremely comfortable during the cold season. And in summer you will also have a nice shawl. To put on your shoulder to protect you from a light gust of wind or from the coolness of the evening. 

Pashminas can be found in all colors, plain, embroidered. In all styles and all effects that will delight your daily life and bring a touch of softness to your wardrobe

Pashmina Luxury High-End Quality

The choice of origin for a white and black wool pashmina shawl. Of course, the ideal option is to buy an authentic woolen pashmina. Made of 100% cashmere and which comes from regions such as Kashmir, Nepal or India. besides do not hesitate to read the article on the Pashmina. The definitions and its names, if the subject interests you. 

These countries of the world are the most gifted to make these fabrics. They have both a unique know-how but also the perfect looms for weaving these stoles. It is also in these countries that we find pashmina goats used to make exceptional woolen scarves. With an Indian cashmere pashmina you get the best qualities for the price of a 100% pashmina .

Pashmina, Handicrafts From India

There are also pashminas that are mixed with silk (natural or viscose). This also gives very beautiful products, magnificent and ultra soft. These are cashmere and silk threads that intertwine for an extremely soft and luxurious product with a unique charm. 

Although the cashmere pashmina has a unique wool that is particularly soft and tender. 

At this time the scarf should be balanced in the following proportions 70 percent cashmere. Pashmina 30 percent silk (natural or viscose). This type of scarf has the perfect shine, is extremely robust, and very effective against the cold.

The highest quality cashmere pashmina is the upper part of the goat’s chest and throat. This wool is very soft and extremely delicate. To be of good quality, a pashmina scarf or shawl must be either 100% cashmere. Or an expensive and luxurious item

Pashmina Manufacturing Quality

Naturally, hand-embroidered pashminas are generally superior to the quality of chain-made pashminas. 

Now that you know how to choose your fashion pashmina. You will find in this fair trade shop a large selection of pashmina. And a wide selection of handcrafted cashmere scarves and how to wear a scarf .

 A fabulous know-how that makes it possible to produce these shimmering fabrics with a unique and incomparable softness and luster. Here is the best selection of pashmina , unique and refined for an ethical and chic fashion!

 The pashmina is the trendy and trendy fashion accessory of the season, so don’t wait to be in vogue! And once you have fallen for your pashmina. Do not hesitate to read the article on maintaining your pashmina. Which will allow you to keep it as well as possible. The Buy a real 100% pashmina , the original and the traditional. It’s the 100% cashmere pashmina, learn to recognize it and differentiate it. To afford such a pashmina you have to be aware of the high price. It is the price of luxury and quality.

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